Greg Long has been involved with Mission San Quintin since 2009 and is among many high school students and adults and who travel to the San Quintin Valley near Vicente Guerrero, Mexico to build two-room schools. Located on the Baja Peninsula about three hours south of Ensenada, Vicente Guerrero is home for some of Mexico’s poorest, many of them seasonal farm workers who migrated there with the dreams of making a better life. Greg travels annually for projects in the region, he has also been on many house building projects for families in need. The travelling group of volunteers also donate food, clothes and resources to women's shelters and migrant camps. 

The trips are life changing for many who go. To see and experience poverty where people are living in cardboard homes and working 10 to 12 hours a day is overwhelming. On this last trip, many of the volunteers were quite moved by the experience and will probably return for future projects. 


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